An easy to follow cardio dance workout DVD
Known for a rich music and dance scene, Jamaicaís vibrant culture passionately influences the upbeat island's way of life. Now everyone can enjoy the best of Jamaican dance and music.

In The Dance Fitness Jamaica is a fun and dynamic fitness program where Jamaica's best dance moves are put into a cardio-dance workout. Itís a full-body workout combining the top elements of a fitness program including cardio, core, muscle toning, increased flexibility and interval training.

This easy to follow program was created by one of Jamaica's most celebrated personalities; dancer and TV host Yendi Phillipps. Dancing since the age of three, Yendi went on to become Miss Jamaica World and Miss Jamaica Universe receiving the top score in swimwear for her toned and lean dancers body. Incorporating her dance background, Yendi wanted to build a fitness program that didnít feel like "working outĒ and that fit her schedule as a busy mom.

Join Yendi and In The Dance Fitness Jamaica for a body-sculpting workout you can take with you on or off the dance floor.

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